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Body sculpture procedures

Fine, tight lines are every person’s dream, however there are cases when the hard work and diet don’t produce the desired results. It is important to try to make a change in the framework of lifestyle, but if natural methods fail, you can use opportunities offered by plastic surgery.

In addition to the lady’s critical areas as thighs and bottoms, today it is also possible for specialists to make the calves more nice looking and into shape. The liposuction method is used today in a series of plastic surgeries, since better results can be achieved.

After significant weight loss in the arms, bottoms or thighs the previous extra weight is reflected on the skin, so to achieve tight lines and to remove the redundant skin the plastic surgeon’s help is essential. The shaping surgeries help the self-acceptance and thus greater self-confidence in everyday life.

Arm lift

The age and weight loss clearly have an impact on the upper arm skin condition, which can also loosen at this area.

Unfortunately, the fact is that even regular exercise is not able to tighten again the skin, but the arm surgery offers the opportunity to build your arm, which will adapt in proportion. During the one and a half hour upper arm surgery, the surgeon removes unwanted skin and combines liposuction in the procedure to get firmer and shapely lines.

The incisions will be at an invisible place, so no trace will remain of the intervention, just taut, youthful arms.


Calf augmentation

There are areas of the body that respond difficult even to the intense workouts. One of those are the calves, which can be made well-shaped within plastic surgery.

Not only implant can be put to the place of too thin calf, but asymmetry can be corrected caused by accident or injury. Thanks to the results of the calves augmentation surgery, the calves are fuller and well-shaped, which clearly affects the daily well-being and confidence.

The cuts in the hollow of the knee, completely fade and after a while it won’t be seen, only the shapely calves will remind you of the intervention.



Our specialists are doing many plastic surgeries combined with liposuction, because it is a great tool for shaping body. Although by using it, significant weight loss cannot be achieved, it is still can be used in those critical areas, which don’t respond to serious training in the way it is desired, so the procedure is very useful.

Typically, these are the remaining few kg around the waist, the ankle area, upper arms, abdomen and thighs, in which areas the specialists often use liposuctionmethod.

The procedure is perfect for neck surgery, but it is also proven to be a great choice during eyelid surgery.In the case of filling with own fat, liposuction is the choice in beginning.


Thigh lift surgery

The thigh lift surgery intends to satisfy the need for tight and thin thighs. At this area, the traces of weight loss are very much visible and in many cases the skin is not in the best condition. The sagging skin, which lost its firmness due to weight fluctuations and fat, are removed during thigh lift surgery.

Thanks to the two-three hours of surgery the thighs gain their previous tight lines and our patients can also say goodbye to the stretch marks, which in many cases cause problems.

The tension of the skin makes the thigh look younger, which benefits your feeling on the whole appearance.


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