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What to expect from calf augmentation?

There are certain body parts, which shape is difficult to change even with intense exercise. A great example for this are the calves, to which muscle can be difficult to pick up. Calf augmentation with implant allows for this part of the body to be well shaped, ands it is also a great choice to intervene in case of asymmetry observed between the two legs due to injury or accident.

Due to this process the calves are fuller, neater, which will definitely affect well the self-confidence and self-assurance. Good looking calves can make the whole appearance more attractive, which can be achieved with plastic surgery.

What is calf surgery?

The procedure - just like liposuction or buttock surgery - is performed under general anesthesia and require a one-hour surgery in which the specialist makes the cut in the knee bend, so it will be almost invisible after healing. The implant is put through a four centimeters deep cut in the height of the calf, namely over the muscles. After being sure that they are at the right places and whether the two legs are symmetrical, the area gets closed and bondage gets on the leg. This intends to keep the implant on the right place and so the skin sticks even faster.

The high quality implants used today don’t need to be replaced. For men, anatomical implants and for woman the spindle-shaped are recommended to achieve the desired shape. After the procedure you will have to wear a pressure bandage for at least six weeks, while the implant is firmly locked.

What preparations and analysis are needed before the procedure?

The professional team working at Budapest Plastic Surgery Institute gives priority attention to our patients, not only during surgery, but also prior to that, so that they are in the most possible comfort during the preliminary tests. During preliminary consultations the implants will be selected and every detail of the calf’s surgery and the information about the period of recovery will also be received.

In addition to laboratory tests, ECG will certainly be needed, but depending on the medications taken or information related to anesthesia the surgeon may suggest other testsfor you, of course, keeping in mind the individual endowments. It is important to pay attention to the healthy lifestyle in the pre-operation period, because the right amount of hydration, vitamins will make your immune system stronger and recover sooner after surgery.

Expected results

After the surgery, a feeling of tension can be expected in about three weeks, but it will end, as you can get easily used to the surplus weight in that area, and the scars heal quickly. Depending on the profession, you can return to work in two weeks, but you should not strain the legs for a month. Rest is and leaving exercise is also recommended during this time. After a month you can gradually return to physical activity, but is suggested to wear a pressure bandage.

Scar handling creams are of good service during the healing which promote recovery and the fading out of the surgical scars as well. The calf reaches its final form about three months later. Thanks to the full, shapely profile, self-confidence is guaranteed to grow. The calf surgery allows the legs to be shapely and fit perfectly to the figure, regardless of gender.

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