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What to expect from thigh lift surgery?

Like in case of breasts, calves, arms, or abdomen, the thigh skin is also stressed by the weight fluctuations. The deposits of fat can lead to the formation of cellulite and stretch marks, which condition may improve with weight loss, but the only permanent solution is thigh lift surgery.

Thanks to the surgical procedure the skin on thigh can be tightened, combined with liposuction the unwanted amount, which doesn’t respond to sport, can be removed so more patients can gain confidence in everyday life. The results of the procedure will allow for the dressing to be easier, return of self-confidence, and in addition this can be achieved without visible scars.

What is thigh lift surgery?

Under 40 years of age, in many cases liposuction is sufficient to achieve the desired results. As the years pass, however, not only the effect of weight problems shows at the area of thighs, but certainly your age can’t be denied. In this case, our specialists also remove the stressed skin together with the fat or even lift the skin, making the legs firmer and well-shaped.

During the two to three hours lasting intervention under anesthesia, the surgeons make the incisions at hidden place, namely the groin, so the traces won’t be noticeable even on the beach. Although the results are immediately visible, the healing and the formation of the final form of the thigh requires a month.

Occasionally, there may be additional corrective surgeries needed, but this usually occurs in the cases of those patients who require massive intervention on the part of the body.

What preparations and analysis are needed before the procedure?

The usual tests, which take place before every surgery under anesthesia, must be performed before the thigh surgery as well, so don’t leave out the ECG, X-ray, and of course the lab, but you should inform the specialists of taking drugs, possible sensitivity or experience with the anesthesia.

Since in our work we often encounter busy patients with minimal free time, we know exactly how important is the time efficiency and smooth tests to those who decide a surgery like this. Therefore, the Budapest Plastic Surgery Centre strives to be flexible when handling dates, our services are available and act upon the needs of our patients.

Expected results

After the thigh plastic surgery the patient will immediately get a squeezing dress to wear for one and a half months. This aims the skin to better stick down and the healing process can speed up.You should spend at least two nights at the clinic, immediately after surgery where you can enjoy the benefits of comfort and of course, in addition to continuous medical supervision.

After the surgery is complete, the inserted drain provides fluid disposal, which is removed while your stay at our clinic. It is important not to engage in physical activities for at least a month, and return to sport with increased intensity. The surgical scars fade over time, the result is a fit, firm thigh in accordance to your figure, allows you to regain your former self-confidence.

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