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Few people have naturally perfect breasts, therefore there has always been a great interest towards the breast surgery. The firm, plump breasts not only provide self-confidence for women, but create the necessary confidence for meeting new people and for every day break out.

Not only the size changes prove to be popular, but the breast lift to restore tautness. Ladies who went through pregnancy, often require breast augmentation, thus aiming for a perfect result. However, not only small or breasts which lost their tautness can cause problems to the owner, but too large ones as well. For them breast reduction helps.

What is breast surgery?

With the most requested procedure of our patients, the breast augmentation, it is possible to increase the size, but is also used to correct the asymmetry between the breasts. The course of the procedure depends on whether the nowadays safe for use implants are put under glandulars or under pectoral muscle.

After pregnancy, great weight loss, or simply just due to the course of time, skin can lose it’s flexibility, causing the breasts to start to sag. Thanks to the breast lift surgerysagging breasts can be tightened and returned to their naturally beautiful shape. It’s also possible to reduce the size of the nipple, thus the breasts will get a better aesthetic look.

Those who have been blessed with large sizes, are well aware that large breasts have their disadvantages as well. With the help of breast reduction, it’s possible to put an end to back pain and frequent fungal skin diseases. The 1-1.5 hour lasting breast surgery is always performed under general anesthesia.

What preparations and analysis are needed before the procedure?

After the preliminary consultation with our surgeon about the desired shape and size the, usual pre-operative tests will be run. In addition to ECG, laboratory tests and X-raysthe patient has to declare if she’s sensitive to any drug, what drugs she is taking on a daily basis, and whether she have had experience with anesthesia. If you want to get through these quickly, the Budapest Plastic Surgery Institute will certainly not disappoint you, as it enables to run tests required before surgery in a neat environment at the clinic.

If you decide in favor of breast augmentation, it is important to choose an appropriate size, because too large breasts not only look bad, but they have been proved a bad decision for health reasons as well.

Expected results

After the surgery in Budapest, you will have to wear a special bra to ensure that the implant is firmly in the right place, and the skin is sticking. Two weeks later, the stitch removal will take place, but only after months will the healing be complete and final results seen. It is advisable to pay attention to manage a gentle way of life and gradually returning to daily physical activities.

If your work isn’t physically demanding, you can return to your everyday routine the week after the operation. In order to get continuous medical supervision, you will have to spend the night after the surgery at one of the clinic’s comfortable and well-equipped rooms.

The countless possibilities of female breast plastic surgerie not only can help you improve the way you look, but the full, firm breasts will give you the feeling of self-confidence as well.

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