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Eyelid surgery for a fresh look

The time and the various environmental conditions have a big impacts on the lower and upper eyelids, thus, on the whole look and facial appearance. With aging, the eyelid skin loses elasticity due to already low production of connective fiber tissue, the support system around the entire eye becomes limp, baggy, wrinkled, and the eyes and its surroundings are swollen.

It is not uncommon, for the hanging upper eyelids to obstruct the vision as well. In order to regain youthful and fresh look, eyelid surgery proves to be a great choice, what’s more, it’s a lot smaller intervention than facial plastic surgery, and at the same time considering the impact, this may be sufficient to rejuvenate years.

What is eyelid surgery?

The eyelid surgery, just like ear surgery or forehead and eyebrow lift, can be performed under local anesthesia, but most often anesthesia is chosen. Depending on the volume of correction during the 1-3 hours procedure the upper and lower eyelids may be converted, in addition, baggy eyes can be removed, which cause problems for many. In the case of the lower eyelid, the cut is made under the eyelashes and then continued towards wrinkles, which formed in natural way.

All of this, in case of the upper eyelid it starts from the inner corner of the eye and is moving towards the outer corner of the eye, also continuing towards wrinkles. During the procedure, the surgeon cuts out the redundant skin, removes the low-fat or muscle tissue, which is followed by a fine wound closure and a bondage gets on the eye.

Even though in many cases it is not required to spend the night at the clinic after the surgery, in case of eyelid surgery, if the surgeon considers that it is worth staying indoors for observation, the Budapest Plastic Centre provides perfectly equipped, comfortable rooms.

What preparations and analysis are needed before the procedure?

Prior to eyelid surgery, we carry out all tests at Budapest Plastic Centre, to enable a smooth operation and security. Even in case of lab test, the ECG and X-ray we strive to be as fast as possible, we pay attention to all the details that are relevant for the surgery to be effective and smooth.

You can ask all the questions that arise about the surgery during consultations with the surgeon in nice a environment, but our professionals will also provide you with the necessary information for the recovery period. In order to speed up the healing period, it is especially recommended to keep track of the lifestyle advices from the surgeon. It’s also important to avoid physical exertion and to show up on all the checkups during the recovery.

Expected results

The night after the surgery you will have to spend in our clinic, and the stitch removal will take place around the fifth day after the surgery. We are using minimum stiches, therefore, the use of absorbable sutures is not possible in the eyelid surgery.

After the plastic surgery it is important to pay attention to proper care of the eye area, it may be helpful to use chamomile compresses but it is not advisable to move the head forward. You can start driving a week later, but you’ll need to avoid make-up for at least two weeks.

In order to protect the wound and the eyes, wearing sunglasses is recommended, you can start exercising three weeks after eyelid surgery.

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