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Seductive lips in minutes: lip augmentation

Women's lips have always been a symbol of sensuality, but only a few women can enjoy rich, seductive lips as a gift of nature. Nowadays, fortunately, every opportunity is given to reach the desired size and shape in just a few minutes, with long-term results.

It is no coincidence that lip augmentation is so popular among women, since it not only corrects the size and shape of the lips, but the desired symmetry is also available without any surgical procedure. By performing multiple lip augmentation the effect can be enhanced and you can choose between absorbable and non-absorbable materials as well.

What is lip augmentation?

This procedure is performed without surgery, during which our specialist uses a thin needle to get the material under the skin. The choice can fall on hyaluronic acid-based gel filler, on the popular Juvoderm Ultra or Ultra Juvoderm Smile, but as an alternative, for the fans of natural solutions, fat transfer can also be an option.

To make the lips symmetrical, and to reach the desired effect, he surgeon scatters the material in the lip with gentle moves. This ten minutes procedure can create immadiate, attractive and durable results. The durability can change person to person, but the procedure repeatable, if you wanted fuller lips from the start.

Within 24 hours minor swelling may occur, and lips can be a little sensitive, but it will soon pass. When filling with own fat, liposuction is done on those areas, where ladies usually desire slimmer shapes.

What preparations and analysis are needed before the procedure?

Since lip augmentation is considered to be a much simpler procedure, than the traditional plastic surgeries, the standard tests will not be required, only anesthesia and disinfecting the treated area. If you are lidocaine sensitive, it is possible to do the anesthesia lidocaine free.

At Budapest Plastic Surgery Centre, we take professional care about the preparation for lip augmentation with disinfecting, to ensure smooth interaction. If during other procedures, such as eyebrow lift, rhinoplasty or dental treatment, you have experienced sensitivity to lidocaine, you should inform your doctor to select an alternate method of anesthesia.

Expected results

As a result of lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid, our patients gain fuller and bigger lips. There are only a few rare cases, when the filling is absorbed quicker than normally, due to characteristics of the connective tissue, and thus require to repeat the procedure.

It is important not cree, or massage the lips for a few days after the procedure, any to avoid the use of the sauna and solarium. The swelling that may occur, will disappear within 24 hours and the numb feeling will go away in few days after the procedure as well.

Although the younger generation is more likely to undergo this procedure, the fact is, that lip augmentation often used to correct aesthetic shortcomings as well. For example, in case of older woman, the taper of upper lips is a common phenomenon, that more and more of them want to fix. With only a little puncture accompanied with minimal pain, lip enlargement will allow you to be more satisfied with the appearance of the mouth, or succeed in regaining the youthful forms. In addition to the simplicity of the procedure, demanding results can also confirm the lip augmentation's popularity.

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