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Everything you need to know about neck lift

Neck lift proves to be a popular procedure mainly among older group of people, since passing years certainly leave marks on the condition of the neck. Not only deep grooves are formed after time, but the well known limp, hanging neck skin appears, which can significantly worsen the overall picture of the face and of course make you look much older than the actual age.

The neck surgery offers the opportunity to remove the skin loosened by gravity, liposuction in the affected area, as well as the return of youthful contours. It is not uncommon to combine chin surgery, lip augmentation or facelift with neck surgery, thus targeting a more perfect outcome.

What is neck lift?

During the surgery, our surgeon not only takes care of the hanging, loosened skin, but pulls the muscle back under, to achieve longer-lasting and more spectacular results. In order to give back the tautness to the loosened skin, the unwanted skin also needs to be removed. For many people the deposited fat on the neck also causes problems therefore liposuction can be added to the framework of neck lift.

The place of the incisions are choosen carefully, depending on desired results. In the mayority of cases, the incisions are made on the hairy part of the head and behind ears, so the scars can remain hidden. Under 45 years of age, neck liposuction seems to be sufficient to fix the look, but for patients older the 45 years it is recommended to remove the inelastic skin as well.

In order to sooth the bleeding our surgeon fills the area with special astringent and anesthetic. The surgery can take up to two hours depending on the desired outcomes and procedures, but the result far surpasses the traditional skin rejuvenation and wrinkle surgery.

What preparations and analysis are needed before the procedure?

The Budapest Plastic Surgery Centre offers to run all the tests needed before the neck surgery at the comfort of its clinic. Since we are aware of the fact that our patients often have a tight schedule, we offer fast and smooth service, even for the preparations for the surgery.

During the preliminary consultations, our surgeon will state the condition of the neck and discuss what kind of procedures are necessary. ECG, X-rays, lab tests will be carried out in any case. It is important to pay increased attention to managing a healthy diet and adequate fluid intake before and after the surgery as well.

Expected results

You will have to spend the night after surgery at our clinic, where we ensure comfortable rooms and continuous medical supervision. To help the recovery and the tissues to stick down, you will have to wear an elastic bandage for two weeks. There will be no stitch removal, since we use absorbable sutures, regular check-up is however, recommended to follow.

The results of neck lift are clearly visible after a few weeks, but the final image requires six months. Our patients agree, that thanks to neck lift, youthful contours are achieved, not to mention the fact that you get rid of the unwanted fat in the neck area. Regaining confidence and the feeling of satisfaction when looking in the mirror are arguments, which clearly speak in favor of the neck surgery.

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