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  • Eva
  • Kate
  • Sophie
  • Clara
  • Adrienne
"I’m perfectly satisfied with the results. I got what I had expected."

1. Why did you have breast surgery?
I found my breasts too small. In addition, after breast-feeding two children my breasts lost their original shape.

2. What expectations did you have before the surgery?
I didn't want it to be obvious after the operation that I have implants.

3. Why did you choose Budapest Plastic Surgery Institute?
I liked the Institute very much already while browsing the references on the internet. After the consultation I had no doubt that this was going to be my choice: it's a beautiful, high-quality place with friendly people.

4. What was your hospitaly stay like?
I spent one day and I enjoyed myself very much. It was like being in a wellness hotel.

5. What did you experience in the days after surgery?
Frankly, I expected it to be much worse, but luckily everything was OK. It was a pleasant surprise.

6. Did you get the results that you were hoping for?
I'm very happy that I've decided to undergo this operation. I now feel comfortable in my own skin and I've become much more self-confident.

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