Everything you need to knoe about buttock surgery

The weight changes have an impact on the shape, form, the skin and the fat layer on the sag area of the buttock. With age the process is similar, but the buttock plastic surgery provides an opportunity to recover young and taut lines.Not only you can get rid of unwanted fat, but also tighten the skin.

Some people just want to change the too small, shapeless bottom, they can solve this by correction with their own fat or implants, which can change the size of the buttocks, as well as increase its roundness.Given the characteristics of the area the surgery can take place in combination with thigh surgery, thereby realizing youthful lines involving the two parts of the body.


What is buttock surgery?

During general anesthesia, bottom surgery - like arm lift or other body scuplture interventions - going up to several hours can tighten the skin by removing the unwanted fat and skin, but rounded shapes are also feasible. More and more people are interested in enlargement of the bottom, because developing this part of the body is not always possible with playing sports.

However, you don’t have to give up on the round bottom because the silicone implant put under the buttock muscles can result visible achievement. A kind of solution is the upload with your own fat, after our specialist gathered with liposuction from the capable, perhaps already in need of correction body part and then injects it into the buttocks, proportionally divided.

With the latter procedure it should be able to achieve a more natural form, due to the smaller incisions and the recovery time can be accelerated. However, a fact is that it may be necessary to repeat the procedure and spectacular changes may not be available the easiest in this way. For the fans of natural solutions, the enlargement with their own fat certainly proves to be a good choice. The bottom plastic surgery is made with incision in the curve below the bottom.


What preparations and analysis are needed before the procedure?

For patients before the plastic surgery the most often occurring need is to come through urgently with preventive tests. At the Budapest Plastic Surgery Institute we pay attention to this, and we try to give each test a date, that flexibly follow your schedule.

At our clinic, you can run ECG, X-rays, lab tests without waiting , and you can discuss with our experts, what drugs you are taking or have had any experience with anesthesia.

For fast recovery it is important to ensure a healthy lifestyle after the buttock surgery and leave smoking because nicotine makes it harder for wounds to heal. During the preliminary consultations, you can talk through with our surgeons what kind of results you want to achieve and jointly choose the implant which is ideal for this.


Expected results

After the operation you will have to wear a squeezing dress, and for a few days a drain will dispose fluids from that area. For this instance you will have to spend couple of days at the clinic with special consideration to the greatest possible comfort with all the medical monitoring and ensuring the quality of the meal concerning rooms as well.

You need to abstain from physical strain for at least one month, in case of office work return back to daily activities at the third week. Although you can immediately see the results of the surgery, the adhesion of the skin, the final form of the development and full recovery will have to wait for at least a month.

Thanks to buttockplastic surgery you can regain your youthful lines and become the proud owner of a behind that perfectly fits your figure. The opinion of our patients clearly agree that the buttocks surgery contributes to the recovery of confidence, which has positive results in all areas of life.


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  • I was completely satisfied with everything, the nurses did their job beyond expectation. I am so grateful for you, I can feel like a woman again. Thank you for the great attendance, everyone was extremely nice: my surgeon, the assistants and the nurses!!! I owe eternal gratitude to: Dr. Miklós Molnár, Marianna Bojer, Szilvia Vincze and to everyone who helped me through the process to feel like a woman again. THANK YOU!!!!
  • I’ve always been dissatisfied with my breasts, and been suffering from lack of self-confidence because of their small size. Finally, I’ve decided to get it done. I was trying to get information about the procedure on different websites, when I found the ad of the Budapest Plastic Institute. I requested an appointment for a private consultation, and they were so gracious to me, and answered my every question. The personality of my surgeon, Dr. János Gacs was really sympathetic and confident. The surgery came out perfectly, I am delighted with my new breasts, I have regained my femininity. I would like to thank all the employees of the Budapest Plastic Institute for beeing so kind, attentive and helpful, and of course the man, who made my dreams come true, Dr. János Gacs.
  • I am truly happy, that I decided to choose your institute for the surgery. I’m satisfied with everything: the way you treated patients, the medical attendance, the helpful nurses, but above all, my surgeon, Dr. Gacs! He is a really great surgeon indeed, and what he created is simply fantastic!
  • Service beyond expectations. Exemplary healthcare. Professional staff, nurses and surgeons. Thanks for their exceptional work!
  • I am so glad, that I chose your clinic! I was, and still am satisfied with everything. Both the nurses and you were extremely nice and helpful. I could call you anytime, if I got scared of something, or I had a question. My surgeon, well he is truly a „treasure”. During my first consultation, they were running a bit late with the appointments. but he didn’t forced me to hurry, didn’t want to get rid of me as soon as possible, in fact, he answered all my questions, and was very nice and friendly. The job he done on me… I am more than satisfied with the results. It gave me my confidence back! I am greatly thankful for him. In addition, your clinic is easily approachable, and really beautiful!

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