Everything you need to know about chest surgery

Dissatisfaction with breasts affect not only the ladies, but men can also have feelings of discontent, regarding their chest area. The enlargement male breasts in a feminine way, can cause serious embarrassment and could result emotional injury as well. Fortunately, plastic surgery now offers a possibility of male breast reduction, called gynecomastia.

The cause of this phenomenon can be hormonal changes, hormone therapy, or gained weight, all of which can result in fat deposition in the chest area. During male breast surgery it is possible to reduce fat and glandular tissue, but the size of the chest muscles can also be changed, if desired.


What is chest surgery?

Gynecomastia is preformed under anesthesia, during which the surgeon makes the cut on the lower part of the nipple and removes unwanted glandular tissue, often combining the procedure with liposuction. In case of sever breast growth (if the volume of the gland is more than 500 ml and is accompanied by sagging) the operation can take more than the usual one hour.

Just like women, men also have the possibility to modify the size of their breast, if they feel it doesn’t suit the character of their body. This can be achieved with pectoral augmentation. The modern implants used today, can be round or teardrop shaped, and have a nubbly surface to better match the surrounding tissues and to help the fixation process. Our surgeons insert the implants through the armpit, so the scar is practically invisible after healing.


What preparations and analysis are needed before the procedure?

After previous consultation about individual needs, our patients have to go through a detailed examination. ECG, X-ray, breast ultrasound and laboratory tests will be needed in any case, but the Budapest Plastic Surgery Institute ensures a neat environment and a flexible timetable, to perform these tests.

It is important to manage a healthy lifestyle and take dietary supplements to strengthen the immune system before the surgery. We understand, that our patients may have little free time, and we know exactly how important it is to save time in the preliminary checkups. We intend to deal flexibly with appointments and provide maximum comfort during the preparation for the surgery.


Expected results

In case of chest surgery, the stiches will be taken out after 7-10 days, however you should refrain yourself from sport activities and any physical strain for at least one month. Similar to the female breast surgery, men have to wear a pressure bandage after surgery as well, for at least two weeks. In case of breast muscle augmentation, this period can be longer, usualley at least a month, because it helps the fixation of the implant and adhesion to the skin.

The occurring pain can be mitigated by painkillers. A male breast surgery is no longer luxury that only the wealthy can afford. This routine surgery is based on real needs and demand. It can increase self-confidence and leaves mark at every aspect of life.

Thanks to breast reduction and breast augmentation it won’t be a problem to take of your clothes at the swimming pool, beach or in an intimate situation.


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  • I was completely satisfied with everything, the nurses did their job beyond expectation. I am so grateful for you, I can feel like a woman again. Thank you for the great attendance, everyone was extremely nice: my surgeon, the assistants and the nurses!!! I owe eternal gratitude to: Dr. Miklós Molnár, Marianna Bojer, Szilvia Vincze and to everyone who helped me through the process to feel like a woman again. THANK YOU!!!!
  • I’ve always been dissatisfied with my breasts, and been suffering from lack of self-confidence because of their small size. Finally, I’ve decided to get it done. I was trying to get information about the procedure on different websites, when I found the ad of the Budapest Plastic Institute. I requested an appointment for a private consultation, and they were so gracious to me, and answered my every question. The personality of my surgeon, Dr. János Gacs was really sympathetic and confident. The surgery came out perfectly, I am delighted with my new breasts, I have regained my femininity. I would like to thank all the employees of the Budapest Plastic Institute for beeing so kind, attentive and helpful, and of course the man, who made my dreams come true, Dr. János Gacs.
  • I am truly happy, that I decided to choose your institute for the surgery. I’m satisfied with everything: the way you treated patients, the medical attendance, the helpful nurses, but above all, my surgeon, Dr. Gacs! He is a really great surgeon indeed, and what he created is simply fantastic!
  • Service beyond expectations. Exemplary healthcare. Professional staff, nurses and surgeons. Thanks for their exceptional work!
  • I am so glad, that I chose your clinic! I was, and still am satisfied with everything. Both the nurses and you were extremely nice and helpful. I could call you anytime, if I got scared of something, or I had a question. My surgeon, well he is truly a „treasure”. During my first consultation, they were running a bit late with the appointments. but he didn’t forced me to hurry, didn’t want to get rid of me as soon as possible, in fact, he answered all my questions, and was very nice and friendly. The job he done on me… I am more than satisfied with the results. It gave me my confidence back! I am greatly thankful for him. In addition, your clinic is easily approachable, and really beautiful!

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