Everything you need to know about facial surgery

Our appearance and confidence greatly depends on the condition of the facial skin and how visible are the signs of the passing time. With age, it is natural for the skin to lose moisture, and deeper crow’s feet and wrinkles appear.

Since we communicate with our face in everyday life, it is very important how satisfied we are with it. Today we don’t have to give up on youthful lines, since plastic surgery can create a variety of options for facial rejuvenation. Also a good solution to restore confidence can be with lip augmentation or nose, neck and ear intervention, which states the results of the medical service of beauty and attractive appearance.


In our institute, you can choose from the facial surgery procedures listed below:

The chin basically determines the character of the face, and while a lady’s strong jaw can make the face unfeminine, for men, does the opposite and showing up different disadvantages.

The chin surgery allows the chin to better match the jaw structure and helps correcting the existing birth deformities as well.

Thanks to the procedure carried out with the so-called closed surgical technique the traces of the intervention are not visible and even implants can also be inserted through the oral mucosa.

Too large, projecting, or asymmetrical ears can cause problems for many people.

Using ear surgery at the earliest stage you can spare the child of childhood psychological damage and of course adults can live with the benefits offered by the procedure.

With ear surgery, you can achieve immediate, spectacular results and thus regaining confidence.

Eyelids lose tautness over time, and the thin skin with little connective tissue fibers becomes wrinkled and limp, which can become an obstacle for vision as well.

In this case, eyelid surgery is ideal to regain a younger look and win back confidence. Many times even without any facial plastic procedure, the appearance can be rejuvenated by eyelid surgery of the upper and lower eyelids after which you can say goodbye to the unpleasant phenomenon of baggy eyes too.

The wrinkles around the eyes, which cause problems to many, can be removed through the correction of the eyelids as well.

Slim figure and tight forms are not the only things, which contribute to a youthful appearance. The preservation of the freshness of facial skin is just as important.

As time goes by, the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen decreases, which immediately marks the condition of the skin. It becomes drier, inflexible, flabby, and wrinkles may appear as well.

Beyond the surgery-free treatments, there are different techniques available, which produce lasting results. These can help to regain the youthful character of the contours of the face, as well as the condition of the skin.

In addition to a full facelift we can focus on sub-areas such as face lifting, or other surgical procedures.

The passing time not only causes the facial skin to sag, but the appearing wrinkles on the forehead can affect the whole appearance and mimicry.

The deep, thwart wrinkles on the forehead, and the ones between the eyebrows contribute to a worried and angry look on the face, which isn’t very attractive in the everyday life.

In these cases, a forehead lift proves to be an excellent choice. Combined with the eyebrow plastic will ensure that your look becomes youthful again.

The sagging eyebrow arches can be corrected with the procedure as well, making them more gentle, thanks to the possibilities offered by plastic surgery.

The lip augmentation is one of the most popular procedures nowadays, as regards to the facial cosmetic procedures, as the correction with a thin needle can make the lips fuller and more outstanding.

The method is well suited to correct any occurrent asymmetry as well. This short term treatment produces immediately visible results and it is possible to get more fullness or shape with further filling.

After the age of 40, it proves to be a great choice to fill the lips with own fat, rather than hyaluronic acid, and it is worth to combine the procedure with face lift.

The years and the gravity can leave their mark on the neck’s condition as well. The skin starts to sag, deep furrows appear and fat deposition is also common problem in this area.

Against all of these, neck lift surgery provides help, during which the skin and the muscles underneath can be tightened and wrinkles can be faded.

It is not uncommon that in addition to neck lift, which can be combined with liposuction, other facial plastic surgeries may needed too for the perfect result.

It certainly contributes to achieving youthful neck contour, so it can take off years from your age, thereby increasing confidence in work and personal life as well.

The connate, or injury caused deformities of the nose determine the symmetry of the face essentially.

The overly large, protruding or slant nose can cause a lot of trouble to the wearer, therefore a nose surgery is required in order to restore confidence.

Similarly, the procedure is justified by septal deviation, which would otherwise spoil the whole quality of life, as it can cause respiratory problems, and it can be responsible even for snoring and frequent upper respiratory tract disease.

A nose surgery performed with closed technique, practically does not leave any trace, just a result matching the facial lines.

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