Ear plastic surgery: reduction, reshaping, pinning ears back


All you need to know about ear surgery

The projecting, or large ears can cause serious psychological problems to the wearer, therefore ear plastic surgery is not recommended only for aesthetic reasons. To stay confident, and to avoid psychological trauma during the early ages, it is recommended to perform the intervention while young, so a healthy self-esteem can be developed, not to mention avoiding the psychological problems resulting from teasing. Of course the opportunities offered by plastic surgery can be used during adulthood as well.

The ear surgery doesn’t have any side effects on the hearing, and no scar will be visible after the procedure, as they will be situated behind the ear. Usually the ears and the head close an angle of 15-20 degrees, and this is the ideal proportion our surgeons intend to achieve during the surgery as well.


What is ear surgery?

The projeting, asymmetrical or too big ears can be corrected using ear surgery, which gives immediate results and allows you to say goodbye to former inhibitions and low self-esteem. Since the ears are always in sight, they determine the appearance of the face, affect the image seen in the mirror and the self-esteem as well.

During an hour long procedure our surgeon makes the incisions at the back of the earflap, straightens the unequal cartilaginous framework, and removes the unwanted skin. After reaching the correct angular position, fixes the earflap.

In cases, when accidents or congenital deformities cause damage to earflap curve, it is still possible to achieve the desired shape and size with transplanting gristle. Ear surgery depending on individual needs and assets can be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia even at the age of 12. Depending on the degree of correction the surgery - just like chin surgery, eyelid surgery or neck lift - lasts 1-2 hours.


What preparations and analysis are needed before the procedure?

The shape and size of the ear is discussed during the private consultations with our surgeon, prior to the procedure. The usual laboratory tests, ECG, X-ray examinations are carried out at the Budapest Plastic Surgery Institute, quickly and smoothly, without long queues, and without falling out of the daily routine.

In the case of ear surgery under anesthesia, some additional information will be needed from the prescribed medicine, the individual sensitivity and experience related to the anesthesia. Before surgery it is advisable to manage a healthy lifestyle, nutrition and maintain hydration, and you should keep in mind, that smoking slows the healing of wounds.


Expected results

Projecting ears can be excellently dealt with, with the help of ear surgery, just like the changes in size, or the possible need for cartilage repair. The correction of the angle of the pinna is now considered to be a routine procedure, as it is requested frequently in case of ear surgeries. The results are immediately visible, but it takes about 1-3 monthsfor the earflap to pick up the final form.

You are required to wear a special tightening bandage after the surgery, which helps the healing process and the fixation at the right angle. The traditional painkillers are perfect for the days after the procedure, to terminate the discomfort, and it is advisable to refrain from physical activity.

As result of ear surgery, you can look forward to every day with self-confidence, and finally forget the complexes, caused by projecting ears.


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  • I was completely satisfied with everything, the nurses did their job beyond expectation. I am so grateful for you, I can feel like a woman again. Thank you for the great attendance, everyone was extremely nice: my surgeon, the assistants and the nurses!!! I owe eternal gratitude to: Dr. Miklós Molnár, Marianna Bojer, Szilvia Vincze and to everyone who helped me through the process to feel like a woman again. THANK YOU!!!!
  • I’ve always been dissatisfied with my breasts, and been suffering from lack of self-confidence because of their small size. Finally, I’ve decided to get it done. I was trying to get information about the procedure on different websites, when I found the ad of the Budapest Plastic Institute. I requested an appointment for a private consultation, and they were so gracious to me, and answered my every question. The personality of my surgeon, Dr. János Gacs was really sympathetic and confident. The surgery came out perfectly, I am delighted with my new breasts, I have regained my femininity. I would like to thank all the employees of the Budapest Plastic Institute for beeing so kind, attentive and helpful, and of course the man, who made my dreams come true, Dr. János Gacs.
  • I am truly happy, that I decided to choose your institute for the surgery. I’m satisfied with everything: the way you treated patients, the medical attendance, the helpful nurses, but above all, my surgeon, Dr. Gacs! He is a really great surgeon indeed, and what he created is simply fantastic!
  • Service beyond expectations. Exemplary healthcare. Professional staff, nurses and surgeons. Thanks for their exceptional work!
  • I am so glad, that I chose your clinic! I was, and still am satisfied with everything. Both the nurses and you were extremely nice and helpful. I could call you anytime, if I got scared of something, or I had a question. My surgeon, well he is truly a „treasure”. During my first consultation, they were running a bit late with the appointments. but he didn’t forced me to hurry, didn’t want to get rid of me as soon as possible, in fact, he answered all my questions, and was very nice and friendly. The job he done on me… I am more than satisfied with the results. It gave me my confidence back! I am greatly thankful for him. In addition, your clinic is easily approachable, and really beautiful!

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