Genital surgery in Budapest


Everything you need to know about genital surgery

Are you not satisfied with the look of your intimate body parts? Do you have inhibitions in the bedroom, that affect your sexual life? Does the size or the shape of the intimate parts cause problems in everyday clothing? You don’t have to live with the complexes, as genital surgery offers a solution to all the problems that may occur, regarding the female genitalia.

Thanks to genital plastic surgery, you can experience a positive change in your sexual life, the cleaning care becomes easier and the previously problematic clothes may be worn without any problems. As the area heals extremely fast, the recovery is quick and smooth. Our specialist can repair vaginal problems after pregnancy, but it is possible have plastic surgery of inner lips, and even the size of mons can be reduced.


What is genital surgery?

Genital plastic surgery involves all interventions aiming to transform intimate body parts. During vaginal surgery, our experts reinstate the vaginal wall, which lost tautness, with eliminating the sinking of the front and rear vaginal wall.

It is also possible to correct badly healed ruptures, but we can also help with the small and big lips correction. The lips, which are bigger than usual, often cause problems not only during clothing and cleaning, but also in certain body positions, not mentioning certain aesthetic problems. Bigger mons can also be reduced with the right procedure.


What preparations and analysis are needed before the procedure?

Like in other plastic interventions, in the event of an genital surgery, our patients need to undergo several tests in order to shed light on all the factors that may influence the outcome of the surgery. At Budapest Plastic Surgery Institute, everything can be done in one place, without standing in line and waiting.

In addition to the usual lab tests, ECG, X-ray and ultrasound of vagina is required. You should know that nicotine slows down the recovery, so it is advisable to stop smoking around the days of surgery. We recommend consuming lot of fluid and light, vitamin-rich food. Our experts do preliminary tests in a nice environment, flexibly adjusting our schedule to our patients to carry out the procedure soon as possible.


Expected results

Thanks to the vaginal plastic surgery, the sexual life can become more complete, and urinary disturbances arising from the loosened vaginal wall will be treated. A small lip surgery is a widespread intervention, that many ladies choose in order to change the size and terminate disturbing inhibitions. This routine surgery does not involve any risk and the sensitivity of the area will remain after the procedure. It is similar in the case of mons correction, which requires filling in the big lips with your own fat, and can be done with the combination of abdomen plastic surgery.

Due to the genital plastic surgery the intimate areas rejuvenate, allowing to regain self-esteem and the confidence in the bed can’t be compared to anything. It is important to refrain from sexual activites for about four weeks, and pay more attention to the intimate hygiene after surgery. As we use absorbable sutures, you don’t have to experience the suture discomfort, and it’s typical for the area to heal quickly anyway.

The pain arising in the first few days can be treated with painkillers, however the experience of our patients tell that healing after genital surgery is faster, than expected. Forget about low self-confidence caused by dissatisfaction of the intimate parts, and feel free to contact our experts!


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What our patients say:

  • I was completely satisfied with everything, the nurses did their job beyond expectation. I am so grateful for you, I can feel like a woman again. Thank you for the great attendance, everyone was extremely nice: my surgeon, the assistants and the nurses!!! I owe eternal gratitude to: Dr. Miklós Molnár, Marianna Bojer, Szilvia Vincze and to everyone who helped me through the process to feel like a woman again. THANK YOU!!!!
  • I’ve always been dissatisfied with my breasts, and been suffering from lack of self-confidence because of their small size. Finally, I’ve decided to get it done. I was trying to get information about the procedure on different websites, when I found the ad of the Budapest Plastic Institute. I requested an appointment for a private consultation, and they were so gracious to me, and answered my every question. The personality of my surgeon, Dr. János Gacs was really sympathetic and confident. The surgery came out perfectly, I am delighted with my new breasts, I have regained my femininity. I would like to thank all the employees of the Budapest Plastic Institute for beeing so kind, attentive and helpful, and of course the man, who made my dreams come true, Dr. János Gacs.
  • I am truly happy, that I decided to choose your institute for the surgery. I’m satisfied with everything: the way you treated patients, the medical attendance, the helpful nurses, but above all, my surgeon, Dr. Gacs! He is a really great surgeon indeed, and what he created is simply fantastic!
  • Service beyond expectations. Exemplary healthcare. Professional staff, nurses and surgeons. Thanks for their exceptional work!
  • I am so glad, that I chose your clinic! I was, and still am satisfied with everything. Both the nurses and you were extremely nice and helpful. I could call you anytime, if I got scared of something, or I had a question. My surgeon, well he is truly a „treasure”. During my first consultation, they were running a bit late with the appointments. but he didn’t forced me to hurry, didn’t want to get rid of me as soon as possible, in fact, he answered all my questions, and was very nice and friendly. The job he done on me… I am more than satisfied with the results. It gave me my confidence back! I am greatly thankful for him. In addition, your clinic is easily approachable, and really beautiful!

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