Why do people love Budapest?

The second best city in the world according to CNN

Budapest came second on the "Top 25 Cities in the World" list published on CNN. This means that the Hungarian capital is one of the best places to visit.

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Lots of tourist attractions and activities

You definitely will not get bored!




Fantastic concerts


Very reasonable prices

The price level is significantly lower in Hungary than in Western Europe. Obviously it is referring to the plastic surgery prices as well, as the following table shows it. You can save about € 4000 on average, if you choose a Hungarian clinic.


european price

Hungarian price


Breast augmentation

€ 5700

€ 2770

-52 %


€ 6200

€ 2500

- 60%

Tummy tuck

€ 8100

€ 1800

- 78%

Eyelid surgery

€ 4100

€ 900

- 78%

Butt lift

€ 5900

€ 1600

- 63%

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Professional quality in a luxurious environment

At Plastic Surgery Centre Budapest we thrive to show and highlight the beauty of our patients.

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