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Welcome to Plastic Surgery Centre Budapest!

We offer outstanding service, excellent surgeons and a soothing environment in the heart of Budapest. Our clinic pays special attention to our foreign customers. In order to ease the process of going abroad to have plastic surgery, we offer additional services, specifically developed to satisfy the need of foreign patients.

Reasonable prices

As you may know, prices in Hungary are way cheaper, than in Western Europe. For instance in England or Germany you would have to pay about € 6000 for a plastic surgery. In Hungary, the average price is about € 3000.

In addition to the fact that you save about € 3000, the Hungarian, very strict medical education system ensures that our plastic surgeons are world class. Some of our surgeons have been practicing for more than 20 years.

Simplified process for foreign patients

1. Free consultation

As you live in a foreign country, we do not expect you to travel here just for a 30 minutes consultation. However you may take some photos of the body parts you would like to get transformed, and send them to us after your registration.

Our lead surgeons are well-experienced enough to send you a proper quote according to your photos.

2. Operation

After the consultation we fix the date of surgery together and our customer service representatives give you a hand in organizing your flight and your accommodation.

We will help you to fully prepare for the operation. We provide an all-in-one solution for you, as we perform every medical procedure in our institute, so you do not need to visit any other clinics.

3. Rehabilitation

In addition to our professional approach, we also take very seriously the comfort of our patients. As our introduction video and the pictures also show, our hospital rooms and the whole atmosphere looks just like a 5 star hotel.

You will get 24 hour nurse attention and we provide fully comprehensive catering services which involve a’ la carte dishes ordered from a restaurant, or any other customizable menus

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