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What to expect from rhinoplasty?

The facial appearance is defined by all our inherited characteristics, but the nose usually haskey importance. It is no coincidence that usually the ones who have congenital or acquired deformities from injuries, suffer from an inferiority complex because of the size, shape, position of their nose. Since the appearance can affect our whole life, nose surgery in such cases can be especially recommended.

The case is similar for those, who suffer from septal deviation, which can be a risk factor causing upper respiratory illnesses, and may be held responsible for snoring and breathing difficulties. The development of the nose and the structure of the bone justifies the fact, that nose surgery - just like neck lift or ear surgery - can only be performed after the age of 17, which our surgeons also mark as the minimum age for the procedure.

What is rhinoplasty?

Depending on the method you choose, the procedure can take up to one and a half hour. The mayority of rhinoplasties are performed within the framework of the so-called closed surgical technique, during which our surgeon makes the incision in the inside the nose, through the mucous membranes. After separating the mucous membrane, he will remove the connective tissue parts that cause the deformity from the cartilage.

With the help of rhinoplasty, the unwanted lump can also be removed from the nose, by removing the cartilage. The breaking of the nasal bone is only necessary if the the patient's need is to make the nose more narrow. The open nose surgery is a procedure used on rare ocasions. In such cases the cut is made on the skin between the nostrils. This method is used as a correction for any septal deviation. After the one and a half hours of surgery, a plaster junk is put on the nose, and the surgeon places tampons into the nose slots.

What preparations and analysis are needed before the procedure?

Prior to rhinoplasty, some general tests are awaiting for the patients, like labs, ECG, X-ray, and every additional information is needed regarding taken medications and any experience with anesthesia. Budapest Plastic Centre gives great importance to ensure that the necessary tests are done quickly before the surgery. Running tests in a nice environment not only strengthen the confidence of our clinic, but allows to prepare for the surgery without disturbing conditions.

Expected results

The plaster junk placed on the nose will have to be worn up to two weeks, and the initial pain in the first days can be treated with painkillers. During recovery all physical activity should be avoided, but after about two weeks it is possible to return to the normal way of life, of course keeping in mind the principles of gradualism.

As our clinic uses absorbable stiches , the chechkups are not intended for stitch removals, but rather to control the pace of the recovery. The desired result of the nasal form will be visible after about 3-4 months, but the wounds require at least one year to heal. As a result of the rhinoplasty our patients regain their self-confidence, and it can also improve their quality of life. People who have had this routine surgery agree, that it's worth do it, even if at first it might seem to be a bit frightening surgery.

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