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What to expect from tummy tuck surgery?

Dissatisfaction with the abdominal areas not only have a negative impact on confidence, but the unwanted weight can cause troubles in everyday dressing and difficulties in the practicing any sport activity. Hanging skin can be often experienced after losing weight or pregnancy, which cannot be removed with ordinary exercise. In this case tummy truck proves to be a great choice, which will allow to put an end to hanging belly and can be combined with liposuction to say goodbye to the last unwanted centimeters as well.

Thanks to the surgery, you will regain your self-confidence, and you can forget the problems with hygiene and disaffection experienced when dressing. By cutting out the unwanted skin you get rid of weight or stretch marks left behind from pregnancy, that blemish the skin’s surface.

What is tummy tuck?

Depending on the extent of the tummy tuck, the surgical procedure can last two to three hours, and is performed under general anesthesia. The incisions are made at bikini line so the scars remain hidden after healing, and they will not cause any problems when going to the beach either. During tummy tuck our surgeon not only removes the redundant skin and fat, but often reinforces the weakened abdominal wall muscles.

Depending on the necessary changes, the belly button can be transferred as well, and additional waist liposuction can be performed for a perfect result. It is important to know, that tummy tuck is not a weight reduction method, it is primarily used for the purpose of figure sculpture and the results are measured in centimetersrather than kilograms. You also need to be aware that you may need additional surgeries in about half a year later, because the scars may need adjustment or additional liposuction for even more spectacular results.

What preparations and analysis are needed before the procedure?

A tummy tuck is carefully planned during private sessions with our surgeon, where you can discuss what changes would you like to have. Naturally, you will need general diagnostic tests such as ECG, X-ray, ultrasound or laboratory tests that can be run quickly and smoothly at the Budapest Plastic Surgery Centre. Our clinic offers the opportunity to make an individual schedule for running these tests, in a pleasing atmosphere, without waiting.

It is important manage a healthy lifestyle before and after the surgery in order to prevent further excess weight and throw away the cigarettes, since nicotine is known to slow down the healing process of the wounds. Before the surgery, which is performed under general anesthesia, you are required to inform our specialist about taking medicines, possible sensitivity in order to avoid complications.

Expected results

You will need to spend a few days in our clinic after the surgery and wear a special squeezing clothing for the skin to faster stick and to speed up the recovery. The drain pipein the early days is intended to remove the fluids from the surgical area. The compression clothes is advised to wear for about one and a half months, and for this time abstain from any physical exertion. Solarium and sauna are not recommended and scar handling creams are useful for the quick healing of the scars.

If you didn’t choose non-absorbable sutures then they can be removed in two to three weeks. Experience has shown that two weeks of rest is recommended after tummy tuck surgery, but after that, the recovery is visible and soon you can gradually return to the routine of everyday life. Making a tighter abdominal wall, removing the hanging skin and terminating the protruding belly gives a positive impact on confidence and well-being. Clients report that movement, showering is easier, they feel better about themselves, are less shy and can change their dress code after surgery.

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